Exploring the unfathomable fabric of reality with Aaron Collier

Halifax live art company HEIST presents the techno-songwriter’s newest work Frequencies (Phase Two)

Halifax-based live art company HEIST is set to present techno-songwriter Aaron Collier’s new work Frequencies (Phase Two).

In this multimedia show, Collier explores “the unfathomable fabric of reality” as he delves into his family’s past while his alter-ego Chandelier looks at the make-up of the universe as both look for answers.

“Frequencies is about transformation,” says Collier in a media release. “Transforming myself into someone else. Transforming a loss into something else. Transforming the world around me into what I would like it to be. Transforming my own stories into a techno/confessional/multimedia show. Creating a new frequency for the audience to join me on”.

Calling it something “you have to just experience to really understand”, HEIST’s artistic director and show dramaturg Richie Wilcox encourages audiences to “just go on the journey” in a show that will take place in the intimate Dartmouth performance space with a capacity for just twenty guests at a time.

“Aaron shares some really heartfelt and genuine moments about himself, his childhood and his family that make the piece so engaging and at the same time he has created this soundscape about the rhythms of the world that draws you in even deeper to the material,” says Wilcox.

Award-winning director Ann-Marie Kerr joins HEIST on this intimate show featuring original music and writing by Collier, plus writings by singer/songwriter and creator of the Accidental Mechanics Group, Stewart Legere, and filmmaker, photographer and writer, Francesca Ekwuyasi.

“I have worked with Ann-Marie on other projects as a sound designer and I am just such a fan of her and her mind. I’m nervous and excited to be in the room with her,” says Collier. “It’s also pretty special to have two writers, Stewart and Francesca, take your life events and convey them in their own way or use your life as inspiration for some beautiful storytelling in their own voice. I feel pretty lucky”.

HEIST is the award-winning company behind such shows as The Princess Show, Princess Rules, Face, New Waterford Boy and Nation, created to produce and present innovative, genre-bending and queerly playful performances.

Frequencies (Phase Two) plays Studio 104 (15 Alderney Dr, Dartmouth) May 21-25. Visit liveheist.com for tickets and information.

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