Saturday, January 16, 2021

Jordan Parker

Jordan Parker is a PR professional and journalist in Halifax, and these reviews appear first on his film blog Parker & the Picture Shows.

Film review: Wonder Woman: 1984 surpasses lofty expectations

When the original Wonder Woman was released in 2017, weary fans everywhere applauded a female hero and a fantastic change of pace for DC. After critical drubbings...

Film review: Soul is a toe-tapping adventure with a big, beautiful core

This latest Pixar offering is a wondrous, beautiful picture that you won’t soon forget. Soul has energy to spare, and it’s an evocative, human story. A...

Film review: Splinters is a perfect depiction of a fractured family

Thom Fitzgerald’s return to the film landscape after half a decade in television is his most quietly disconcerting work. Splinters works itself into your soul...

Film review: Mulan is a soulful, live-action remake, but loses original’s fun

Disney has once again revived a classic animated film from their canon to produce a remake, but unlike last year’s Lion King, this live-action...

Film review: Bill & Ted Face The Music is a most excellent reboot

It’s been nearly two decades since we last saw the lovable oafs Bill & Ted in their Bogus Journey, but seeing the aged faces...

Film review: Halifax filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald’s Stage Mother is a dazzling, delightful instant classic

If there’s one thing movie lovers have unequivocally yearned for in 2020, it’s escapism from the difficult world we face. Stage Mother won’t cure all...

Digital review: Halifax-shot Spinster boasts wonderful script and winning turn from Chelsea Peretti

Andrea Dorfman’s wonderful romantic-comedy Spinster defies genre tropes to give audiences one of the most unabashedly enjoyable films of 2020. A favourite at last year’s...

Film review: Nicolas Cage goes Primal in jaguar-on-a-boat B-movie delight

Nicolas Cage has long been a laughing stock in Hollywood. The Oscar-winning, once-formidable presence has been relegated to cheap, genre fare for a decade,...

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