Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Donovan Colan (left) and Wyatt Moss (right) will share the role of Billy Elliot in the Neptune Theatre production of Billy Elliot the Musical coming in April 2020. Donovan Colan photo by Monique D'Eon. Wyatt Moss photo courtesy the artist.

Neptune Theatre finds their Billys

In a media release, Neptune Theatre announced the casting for its production of Billy Elliot the Musical. Included in the list are two young men,...
Members of the cast and creative team of Zomblet (LtR: Melanie Patten, Zach Greenham, Lara Lewis, Colleen MacIsaac, Katerina Bakolias, Michael Kamras, Jessica Oliver, Audrey Eastwood, Nick Cox, and Noella Murphy). Photo by Dan Bray.

Shakespeare and zombies meet at Elsinore in Dan Bray’s Zomblet

"To sleep, perchance to nightmare." No, it's not a typo. It is a twist on one of the lines from Shakespeare's most famous soliloquies in...
Theatre Du Poulet presents Settle Elsewhere, a site-specific exploration of the immigrant experience.

Theatre du Poulet’s Settle Elsewhere explores the immigrant experience

As immigrants themselves, Carmen Lee and Chun Shing (Roland) Au know first-hand what it is like to arrive on a foreign shore. Originally from...
Breton Lalama and Julia Topple in the Neptune Theatre production of Pleasureville. Photo by Stoo Metz.

Theatre review: the many pleasures of Pleasureville

Pleasureville has all the makings of a CBC hit – quirky characters, an endless supply of possibilities and a premise that would make viewers...
The cast of the Theatre Arts Guild production of The Ladies Foursome.

Theatre review: The Ladies Foursome rarely lands the green

With over fifty scripts under his belt, Norm Foster is one of Canada’s most produced playwrights. His writing rarely makes you think. Like watching...
Stephanie MacDonald and Jodee Richardson in the Neptune Theatre production of The Last Wife. Photo by Stoo Metz.

Theatre review: The Last Wife would work more effectively as a Netflix series

While The Last Wife features some fine acting, looks incredible, and is intriguing, I wanted to pause the action to use the washroom, refill...
We're looking for a few good writers

Eastern Front Theatre goes in search of emerging playwrights

In a media release, Halifax’s Eastern Front Theatre (EFT) announced the formation of the RBC Emerging Playwrights Program, designed to assist four new Atlantic...
Samantha Walkes as Cinderella and Ryan Brown as her Prince Charmin (no, that is not a typo) in the Neptune Theatre production of Cinderella. Photo by Stoo Metz.

Theatre review: Cinderella is filled with silliness and incredible talent

Is there anything better than the sound of children gleefully laughing at poop jokes in a theatre? It turns out to be one of...
Samantha Walkes returns to the role Cinderella at Neptune Theatre. Photo by Stoo Metz.

It’s Christmas in July as Cinderella returns to Neptune Theatre

Consider it Christmas in July, as Halifax’s Neptune Theatre gets ready to present a remount of Cinderella. Modelled after the traditional British pantomime, or “panto”...
Andrew Chandler as John Wilkes Booth in the Whale Song Theatre production of Assassins. Photo by Stoo Metz Photography.

Theatre review: Assassins doesn’t quite shoot to kill

Long before people were scratching their heads about a hip hop musical centered on one of the U.S. founding fathers, they were similarly scratching...

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