Digital review: Halifax-shot Spinster boasts wonderful script and winning turn from Chelsea Peretti

A joy start to finish and memorable entry into an often cliched genre

Andrea Dorfman’s wonderful romantic-comedy Spinster defies genre tropes to give audiences one of the most unabashedly enjoyable films of 2020.

A favourite at last year’s Whistler Film Festival, it follows wiseacre Gaby, a caterer with talent and a fast mouth that gets her in trouble more often than not. At 39-years-old, her partner leaves her, and she is left to reevaluate, where she wants her life to go.

As Gaby learns more about herself and her goals, she realizes the key to happiness is to love yourself and not seek approval from others.

Played by Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum Chelsea Peretti, Gaby’s character is direct, unabashedly hilarious, and a wonderful, complicated protagonist. There are no shortcuts or easy answers for this character.

Director Dorfman presents this quirky, highly skilled film with prowess, and it was hard not to love it. The key to its success, though, is Jennifer Deyell’s bright, quick-witted script, which gives the cast a ton to work with.

Watch for a great supporting turn from Kevin Kincaid, as well as wonderful performances by Susan Kent, Charlie Boyle, Bill Carr and Taylor Olson.

Shot-for-shot, Spinster is a joy start to finish and memorable entry into an often cliched genre.

Spinster is currently available to rent or buy on-demand via Vimeo.

Jordan Parker is a PR professional and journalist in Halifax, and these reviews appear first on his film blog Parker & the Picture Shows.