Film review: violent, foul-mouthed The Gentlemen ignites early 2020 film landscape

A well-plotted, hugely entertaining, and hilarious little throwback from Guy Ritchie

The Gentlemen is a twisted, perverse, fast-talking, brute of a film for anyone who thought helming Disney’s bombastic Aladdin remake meant Guy Ritchie went soft.

Ritchie — in vintage British gangster form here — brings together an eclectic group of very talented men for this incredible flick. It’s an answer to critics who feel Ritchie’s lost his edge and proves he’s got a ton left in him.

Focusing on the magnate of an underground marijuana empire, it looks at all the players involved as he tries to retire, and all the forces who are going to make it harder than he ever imagined.

Matthew McConaughey leads a stellar cast including Charlie Hunnam, Succession’s Jeremy Strong, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, and a career-best Hugh Grant.

It’s a well-plotted, hugely entertaining, hilarious little throwback to Ritchie’s famous films Snatch and Lock, Stock.

While it never quite hits those heights, it’s one heck of a return to form for the great niche director.

Jordan Parker is a PR professional and journalist in Halifax, and these reviews appear first on his film blog Parker & the Picture Shows.