Fringe review: surefire dialogue and performances ensures Lungs breathes


Lungs is an episodic, rapid-fire, hilarious, heart-wrenching and poetic look at modern relationships and questions whether bringing a child into the world today is moral. It’s also a fantastic script for two twenty-somethings to perform; a theatre school grad’s wet dream.

There is a reason Lungs has had productions from coast to coast recently, and the good news is the production currently at the Halifax Fringe mostly delivers.

Right off the top, we meet an unnamed couple who are debating having a baby. He’s for it. She’s not sure. This continues for the next 70 minutes.

Under lesser hands, this would be tedious. Neither of the characters really grow or change. They get older and with that gain certain wisdom, but I thought to myself several times “these people should not have a baby”. Thankfully, its witty lines and the sure delivery from the actors on stage entertain.

Megan Carty as the female half of the couple does neurotic so well it’s staggering. Definitely the showier of the two roles she works hard while making it seem easy spitting out the quick dialogue without it ever seeming false.

In the less aggressive and dominant male role, Matt Hertendy digs deep to reveal some heart, especially in the latter half of the play. Baffled by his partner’s back and forth he reveals a depth of gravitas that is a perfect yin to Carty’s yang. The scene where he attempts dirty talk is amusingly cringe-inducing.

The production isn’t perfect though. Sightlines in the 2202 Gottingen venue are frustrating, especially when scenes are played on the floor and the performances are often one-note, which could be annoying if the one-note wasn’t delivered so well.

Go see Lungs, the actors are here from Ottawa and they deserve a proper east coast welcome.

Lungs continues at 2202 Gottingen Street in Halifax as part of the Halifax Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and information.