Fringe review: Robotricks is not to be missed


About ten minutes into the magic robot show Robotricks, I put my notebook away and just started enjoying Charlie Caper’s performance. I mean, how many times can you write “WTF” before you run out of ink?

Reviewing Robotricks is not an easy task as I risk ruining many of its surprises. What I can say is that I was both in awe and convinced Caper should make far more per ticket than artists make at the Fringe. You would do well to grab a ticket now before he becomes famous and you can say you saw him when.

What appears to be a flimsy narrative connects the different magic tricks, but just as I was getting frustrated with the story Caper concocts, the payoff occurs. It is definitely worth it.

Anyone of any age will enjoy Robotricks, with an epilogue that ties the entire piece nicely together as Caper speaks from the heart.

Don’t miss this show; the future of the planet might just depend on it. I am already checking my schedule to see if I can see it again and bring some friends before the Fringe Festival is over.

Robotricks continues at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Stage (1593 Argyle St, Halifax) as part of the Halifax Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and information.