Fringe review: The Other Mozart’s beauty is skin deep

The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart

The Other Mozart is one of the most visually stunning and well-acted productions I’ve seen at a Fringe Festival ever. I don’t understand why I was so bored.

The Other Mozart tells the mostly unknown story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s older sister Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia Mozart. While undoubtedly a fascinating character in her own right, it’s said her talent was just as good as Mozart’s, the script does little to make a case for Maria’s entrance into general consciousness.

But oh the production design. With incredible lights, a fascinating set and sure-fire sound effects the show looks beautiful. Other than some microphone issues the show looks as good as any show you’d see on a professional stage.

It’s acted well too. There is no fault in performer Sofi Milo’s work. She easily slides between Maria, Wolfgang, her parents and a host of other characters. She speaks clearly and beautifully. Her performance is polished and pristine. She’s even offering the show in French for a few performances. I just wish I had seen her in a more interesting show.

If the global success of Hamilton is any indication there’s certainly an appetite for stories about unknown figures in history. Unfortunately, The Other Mozart feels like a well-spoken, great looking history lesson about someone we don’t really need to know about.

The Other Mozart continues at the Neptune Scotiabank Studio Stage (1589 Argyle Street, Halifax) as part of the Halifax Fringe Festival. Visit for tickets and information.