#FringeDuJour: Late Company

Exposing the layers of parental and political hypocrisy at a suburban dinner party

Late Company
Late Company

Tell us about Late Company.

Jordan Tannahill’s Late Company follows Debora and Michael having dinner with their son’s bully and his parents one year after the suicide of their teenage son. As accusations fly with everyone taking a turn in the hot seat for their real or imagined part in the tragedy, questions are raised that no one is prepared to answer. Late Company exposes the layers of parental and political hypocrisy at a suburban dinner party where grief is the loudest guest.

Describe your show in three words.

Explosive. Cathartic. Transformative.

Why should someone come see your show?

Everyone should come see Late Company because, not only was it written by the remarkable mind of Canadian playwright Jordan Tannahill, the shows content itself needs to start being discussed.

Late Company explores LBTQ+ issues/homophobia within communities, the generational gap, toxic masculinity, and mental health/suicide in youth. We live in a world where all of these subjects are very pushed under the carpet and said, “well that only happens in other cities”, but it is all very alive and well in Nova Scotia.

Just last year the head of the mental health commission said that suicide in Nova Scotia is a “hidden crisis” and reports have only been rising. Less than a month ago an entire apartment complex in Halifax was vandalized with homophobic slurs and threatening comments.

We live in a world where it feels as if people are becoming more and more divided every day, but Late Company reminds us that we as people can change, heal together, forgive one another and open our hearts up.

If your show was a superhero which superhero would it be, and why?

If our show could be one superhero, I think I would have to say it would be Spider-Man. Even though Spider-Man is a witty fun-loving character, behind everything lies a tragic backstory with traumatic events that cause him to feel anger and depression, but at the heart of his character is filled with redemption and the struggle to rise above every opportunity and become a better human out of the circumstances. Spider-Man is filled with energy, known for his quick comebacks, like many of the characters in the show, and recognizes issues with high school youth.

If you could see only one show at the Halifax Fringe Festival this year, besides your own, what show would that be?

I really want to see Monster by Daniel MacIvor, because I love MacIvor’s writing, and I’m always excited to see what project Taylor Olson takes on next.

The Details

Late Company
2202 Gottingen St, Halifax
Tickets: Ticket Halifax

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