Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ryan William

Ryan has been active on and off stage since a very young age when he played an angel in the nativity scene, still his mother's favourite role of his. Ryan has travelled and seen theatre throughout the world before settling in Halifax. He actively encourages dialogue.

Film review: Entropic is more than skin deep

Walking the line between a Black Mirror episode and a Baby Blue late-night skin flick, New Brunswick filmmaker R.W. Gray's first feature, Entropic, leaves...

FIN review: Queen of the Andes reminds us a deadline for humanity looms

Queen of the Andes, written and directed by Jillian Acreman, is an indie sci-fi film that tracks the story of Pilar Graham (Bhreagh MacNeil),...

FIN review: harrowing performances light a dark Bone Cage

Bone Cage, premiering online as part of this year's FIN Atlantic Film Festival, is the story of four young Canadians living and dying in...

Theatre review: Peter Pan overstays his welcome

In fits and starts, the Neptune Theatre production of Peter Pan is full of the theatrical magic that makes pantomime the perfect introduction for...

Theatre review: Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story reminds us of the positive impact immigration has had on our country

Before you read this, go to the Neptune Theatre website and buy a ticket for Old Stock: A Refugee Loves Story because if they...

Theatre review: Between Breaths is magical

Incorporating music from an onstage band and a true story told from end to beginning Between Breaths succeeds at everything it sets out to...

Theatre review: Zomblet is a cheeky take on Shakespeare’s tragedy

Irreverant, funny and far cleverer than it has any right to be The Villains Theatre and Terra Novella Theatre production of Zomblet answers the...

Theatre review: the many pleasures of Pleasureville

Pleasureville has all the makings of a CBC hit – quirky characters, an endless supply of possibilities and a premise that would make viewers...

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