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Friday, June 21, 2024

20 questions (pandemic edition) with Chase Tang

This week we check in with actor, philanthropist and mental health advocate Chase Tang

During this time of social distancing and dark venues, Halifax Presents continues to check-in with members of our arts community to find out how they are staying creative and managing during the pandemic.

This week we check in with actor, philanthropist and mental health advocate Chase Tang.

1. How are you staying creative during the pandemic?

Lots of hours spent on streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu plus learning TikTok dance moves.

2. What’s the one thing getting you through?

Lots of ice cream and chips, spending more time with my fiancé and video calls with the family.

3. How are you staying in contact with family and friends who are not in your bubble?

Zoom, WeChat, Line Messenger and Facebook messenger.

4. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far during the pandemic?

Don’t expect the world to return to what it was before March 2020.

5. What do you feel the most grateful for right now?

My health and relationship with my fiancé.

6. What is something you are doing now that you don’t normally?

Working out at home and at the local park with all the gyms being closed.

7. What skill have you developed since the pandemic started?

Zoom and screen recording on the phone and laptop.

8. What have you missed the most?

Buffett and all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.

9. Your #1 pandemic survival tip.

Manage your finances; either make more money or spend much less.

10. Your biggest indulgence since the pandemic started.

Haagen-Dazs and Ben Jerry’s.

11. What have you stockpiled?

Chips, snacks and boxed granolas from Bulk Barn.

12. What have you been reading?

Zero reading 🙁

13. What have you been watching?

Way too many shows to name. I’ve been binging Netflix non-stop.

14. What have you been listening to?

Modern hits remixes on Spotify.

15. What are you doing for exercise?

Sprints, push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight exercises and resistance bands.

16. The one thing you haven’t been able to live without?

My iPhone, iPod, wireless EarPods and exercise equipment.

17. Do-it-yourself haircut or the natural look?

100% natural. In other words, the shaggy look.

18. Night owl or early riser?

Both!!! Sleep has been super sporadic.

19. Will you be the first out as restrictions are gradually lifted or taking a wait-and-see attitude?

Definitely a wait and see attitude

20. What’s the first thing you will do when this is all over?

Sit down for a nice meal at a local restaurant.

Meet Chase Tang

Chase Tang is a Taiwanese born Canadian actor, philanthropist and mental health advocate. Chase spent twelve years in Bedford, Nova Scotia, where he played AAA hockey before moving to Ontario to study business at The University of Guelph. Catch Chase on Netflix’s TV show Slasher as well as up-coming Netflix superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy as the character Baryon. Chase is also the global spokesperson for Taiwanese bubble tea giant Presotea.

You can find out more about Chase at or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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