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Friday, June 21, 2024

20 questions with The Flying Grandpas

Meet The Flying Grandpas of the Hamburg Police Force, who are one of the many acts at this year's Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

Meet The Flying Grandpas of the Hamburg Police Force.

In this special 20 questions, members of the high-flying comedy acrobatic team from Hamburg, Germany, take turns answering our questions.

The Flying Grandpas was one of the many acts at this year’s Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

20 Questions with The Flying Grandpas

1. Your first job.

Central heating and ventilation builder – MT/Martin

2. The job you always wanted as a child?

Archeologist – Klaus/Jan

3. Your pet peeve.

Rainy days – Fleisch/Jörg

4. Your hero.

Batman – Clark/Christian

5. Your biggest indulgence.

Donair – Joseph/Dominik

6. One thing no one knows about you.

We are not real Grandpas!

7. Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

Knife, Batman costume, cat – Helge

8. The one word your best friend would use to describe you.

Beautiful – OErich/Christian

9. If they made a movie about your life, who would it star?

Johnny Knoxville – Tucke/Daniel

10. Hero or villain?

Hero – MT/Martin

11. Your life’s motto/mantra.

Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman, then be Batman – Clark/Christian

12. The last book you read.

der Heidefürst – Helge

13. The song getting the most play on your Spotify playlist right now.

Don’t Stop Believing from Journey – Clark/Christian

14. If you were a cartoon character, what cartoon character would you be?

Wile E Coyote – Tucke/Daniel

15. What will it say on your grave marker?

The Grandfather Has Landed – Felix

16. Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Olaf the Snowman – Helge

17. Your idea of happiness.

No appointments and tipsy – Clark/Christian

18. If you could go back in time, what would you tell your twenty-year-old self?

Live your life – OErich/Christian

19. The one thing in your life that makes you most proud.

My two children – Tucke/Daniel

20. To be or not to be?

This is the question – Shakespeare

Meet The Flying Grandpas

Comedy, capers, and constant delights! The Flying Grandpas are a group of police officers from the Hamburg Police Force with a love of sports, gymnastics and humour.

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