Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Film review: Jamie Foxx gives his all for heady drama Just Mercy

This invigorating, emotional courtroom drama from Glass Castle director Destin Daniel Cretton marks a maturity for him as a filmmaker. Featuring a slew of fantastic...

Film review: 1917 is a modern cinematic classic

With the incredible war drama 1917, cinematographer Roger Deakins has created one of the most ambitious, intensely beautiful and epic films of all time. From...

Film review: The Song of Names is gorgeous and eloquent, if not exuberant

This interesting tale of musical brilliance, friendship and ambition, all wrapped up in a mystery is a well-told spectacle, though it offers little that’s...
Michael Melski’s documentary film Perfume War launches Atlantic Cinematheque, the new partnership between the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and FIN Atlantic International Film Festival that focuses on works by Atlantic Canadian filmmakers about Atlantic Canada that screens in the Windsor Foundation Theatre on the last Friday of every month.

Atlantic Cinematheque focuses on films about Atlantic Canada by Atlantic Canadian filmmakers

In a media release, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and FIN Atlantic International Film Festival have announced the launch of Atlantic Cinematheque, a...

Film review: The Grudge remake should have stayed buried

The Grudge — itself a remake of a classic Japanese horror flick — was a box-office smash in 2004. The Sarah Michelle Gellar film spawned...

Film review: Cats is the equivalent of thespians tap-dancing in a litterbox

Right from the very first trailer, I had my reservations about a big-screen adaptation for the endlessly-popular screen show Cats. From the nightmare-inducing VFX showing...

Film review: Waves is a heartbreakingly genuine emotional triumph

Search high and low through the glorious cinema greats of the last 10 years, and you’ll find nothing that will crash down over you...
Robbie Delano (right) with Assholes: A Theory director John Walker (left) at Hot Docs.

Halifax-based actor Robbie Delano talks hockey in documentary

“In certain ways, everyone has a little bit of assholery in them,” says Halifax-based actor Robbie Delano. And he should know. Not because he is...

Film review: Queen & Slim revolutionizes the road film while taking aim at police...

It takes but two minutes of runtime for Queen & Slim to convince you you’re going to have a heart-wrenching, transformative film experience. Co-writer Lena...

Film review: Knives Out is a delicious, devilish murder mystery

It’s no shock that if you look, you’ll find classier, more sophisticated and more important films than Knives Out this year. But for sheer, playful...

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