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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Halifax actor Rob Delano gives back where he lives with #OperationWarmth

Halifax Presents went live with Delano on a recent pick-up to find out more

With the recent cold snap embracing the Maritimes, Halifax-based actor Rob Delano knew he had to do something to help the less fortunate. His solution was #OperationWarmth, a quite literal drive to collect and distribute warm clothing for people living on the streets.

“It’s just that I see people in the streets all the time and they’re in t-shirts begging for money all day,” says Delano of why he decided to take action in what he has dubbed #OperationWarmth. “It’s a big problem in our city and I didn’t think there was enough being done.”

Posting on his Instagram, Delano not only set out to collect donated clothes he also announced he would pick-up donations from anyone throughout the HRM. Since first putting the call out Delano says he has received hundreds of messages of people looking to make donations. “I haven’t gone through all of them yet but I will get to all of them,” he says.

Delano has partnered with Brunswick Street Mission who will receive the donations. It was important for him to work with an organization that wouldn’t simply resell the clothes but will provide them free of charge to anyone in need. “They also do breakfast and have a list of articles they need on their website if anyone wants to drop off donations themselves,” he says.

Halifax Presents contributing editor Mark Robins was live with Delano on a recent pick-up to find out more.

#OperationWarmth: Halifax actor Rob Delano gives back to the community

We were LIVE with Halifax actor Rob Delano who is on a mission to help our city’s homeless by collecting warm clothing during our current cold snap. Want to help? You can contact Rob via Instagram at

Posted by Halifax Presents on Saturday, January 18, 2020

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