Watch: Live at The Carleton with Tyler Messick

Halifax singer-songwriter Tyler Messick concludes our special Facebook Live series

Live at The Carleton with Tyler Messick
Live at The Carleton with Tyler Messick.

Halifax Presents was Live at The Carleton with the final episode in our special live online music series as we welcomed Tyler Messick, the writer/performer behind Museum Pieces, on June 24.

The self-identified rocker was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania where his mother curated the local historic site Pennypacker Mills. At age 13 his mother moved him to Nova Scotia where she was resettling.

A gifted athlete, Tyler was pulled from a Montreal basketball court by Win Butler of Arcade Fire in 2007. The two became close friends and Tyler assisted on numerous projects including the Grammy Award-winning album “Suburbs”.

After many rewarding years working with Win in Montreal, Tyler returned to Nova Scotia to release and perform his own music again. His 2018 album “Plain Sight” was recorded in the Arcade Fire studios and mixed in Halifax by noted musician Joel Plaskett.

You can find out more about Tyler and his music at and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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