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Saturday, May 18, 2024

The Bus Stop Theatre celebrates 20 years

The Halifax arts hub is marking the milestone on August 25 with 20 events from over 20 different artists.

The Bus Stop Theatre is celebrating 20 years, and the Halifax arts hub on Gottingen Street is marking the milestone on August 25 with 20/20 Vision, a free drop-in day featuring 20 events from over 20 artists.

“The Bus Stop Theatre has been a vital arts hub for twenty years, which is an astounding feat. The theatre exists thanks to the hard work of many volunteers whose dreams of an accessible black box venue on Gottingen Street has made the Bus Stop what it is today,” says Colleen MacIsaac, founding board member of the Co-op and interim general manager, on its website.

Among the festivities are theatrical performances, standup comedy, dance, music, burlesque and more.

“Come out to the theatre to drop in for any of these amazing performances, check out what the theatre is like, or even to record a memory you might have about the Bus Stop,” continues MacIsaac. “Whether you are discovering it for the first time or have seen the theatre through its 20-year history, we welcome you to come celebrate with us.”

Visit for the complete schedule of events.

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