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Friday, July 19, 2024

Jordan Poole celebrates Thanksgiving

The Halifax-based actor appears in horror filmmaker Eli Roth's latest slasher, Thanksgiving, which is currently playing in local movie theatres.

With some heavyweight movies like The Hunger Games prequel, Napolean, and Wish in theatres this American Thanksgiving weekend, you would probably not expect a horror film to break the top five in box office revenues. But you can’t underestimate the draw from horror filmmaker Eli Roth, whose Thanksgiving from Sony Pictures is expected to end the weekend in fifth place, driven primarily by positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

That it makes the box office top five comes as no surprise to Halifax-based actor Jordan Poole, who plays high-school student Jacob in Roth’s latest slasher film, in which a mysterious axe-wielding Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes the townsfolk of Plymouth, Massachusetts, the holiday’s birthplace.

“It is a really good script with some great names attached,” he says. “Plus, Eli had an audience waiting for it who expected it to be good.”

Poole also believes audiences will be captivated by the film’s signature Eli Roth-style gore and creative kills, which he describes as “wild ways to go.”

Filmed primarily in Toronto, with additional scenes shot across southern Ontario, including Hamilton and Port Perry, the shooting of Thanksgiving took approximately a month and a half, starting in early to mid-March and wrapping up in late April. Poole described the experience on set as something truly special, with the cast and crew forming a close-knit family. The atmosphere was so inviting that Poole visited the set even when he wasn’t scheduled to work.

“So I would act one day, and then I would just show up and hang out with the cast for 12 hours on another day because they were so welcoming,” he says. “I loved being there.”

While Poole refrained from revealing too much about the film, he mentioned a few favourite scenes, including some set in a school and a memorable parade sequence where he showcased his dance moves.

However, when asked if his character becomes one of the axe-wielding maniac’s victims, Poole remained tight-lipped. “You’ll have to go watch it yourself,” he says. “I’m not giving that away.”

Jordan Poole (right) on set of Eli Roth's Thanksgiving.
Jordan Poole (right) on set of Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving.

Although Poole wasn’t an avid horror movie fan before working on Thanksgiving, the experience changed his perspective. He now appreciates the genre and its intricate production process. Being a part of the film allowed him to witness firsthand how horror movies are crafted, and he is grateful for the opportunity.

“I did watch other things like The Walking Dead, but I never really sought out horror movies,” he says. “But this movie has changed that.”

Poole’s journey as an actor began at the tender age of three when his parents got him into a commercial. Coming from a family with a background in the film industry, Poole’s passion for acting was nurtured from a young age, beginning with commercial work. His first notable roles were in the television show Mr. D and the film Moving Day. However, Thanksgiving stands out as the highlight of his career so far, with its star-studded cast and widespread recognition.

“It’s the project that I’ve done with the most famous names attached to it and is definitely one of the biggest, if not the biggest, highlight of my career so far,” he says.

Looking ahead, Poole revealed that he has another television show, the locally shot The Trades, set to release next year on Crave. The show revolves around the lives of factory workers in a small town, showcasing the shenanigans they encounter. And while most of Poole’s work has been filmed here in Nova Scotia, he has also ventured to Montreal and Toronto for other projects, such as Birthmark and Creeped Out.

Poole’s role in Thanksgiving has undoubtedly propelled his career to new heights, and audiences can no doubt look forward to witnessing his talent and versatility as he solidifies his place in the Nova Scotia and broader Canadian film industry.

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