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Friday, July 19, 2024

Nicole Ariana explores love and heartbreak with her debut album

The Halifax-based singer-songwriter's debut album is available now.

Halifax-based singer-songwriter Nicole Ariana explores love and heartbreak with her debut album, Crybaby.

In this Q&A, we learn more about the album, which is now available on streaming all platforms.

You can find out more about Nicole’s music and new album online at or follow her on Twitter, FacebookInstagramYouTube, TikTok and Spotify.

This interview has been edited.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am an RnB/pop songwriter and artist based in Halifax. I just released my debut album, Crybaby, after years of writing songs for others, releasing random EPs here and there, and singing hooks and features on mostly Hip-Hop tracks. Very excited to finally have a full piece of my music out in the world.

How do you describe your album Crybaby?

The music on Crybaby has a darker, melancholy vibe, but a lot of the songs are also energizing and empowering. My music is primarily alt-RnB/pop inspired, but there are elements of electronic and rock music on many of the tracks.

Why did you choose Crybaby as the album title?

Nicole Ariana's debut album Crybaby is now available.
Nicole Ariana’s debut album, Crybaby, is now available.

The title track on the album is called Crybaby, and it felt right. The whole album has a sadness to it, and for years my artist logo has been an eye with a tear falling from it, so it just felt very on-brand and appropriate for this body of work. Hopefully, my next project will be a little bit happier.

What was the inspiration for the album? Is there a theme?

The songs all share a similar theme surrounding love and heartbreak, mainly reflecting on love gone wrong or being in a relationship going wrong. Shout-out to my exes for the inspo!

What is your favourite song to perform off the album, and why?

My favourite song to perform is Sparrow. I love that song – like how I love other people’s songs. Maybe because it’s so different from my other material. It has a vastness, and it feels great to perform it live.

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