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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sherry Ryan charts a new chapter

 The Newfoundland-based singer-songwriter's new album Shout For More is available now.

Singer-songwriter Sherry Ryan charts a new chapter in her life with her latest album, Shout For More. The Newfoundland-based musician’s fifth full-length recording, the seven-track Shout For More, is available now.

In this Q&A, we find out more about the album.

You can find out more about Sherry’s music and new album online at or follow her on Twitter, FacebookInstagramYouTube and Spotify.

This interview has been edited.

How do you describe your album Shout For More?

It’s Americana-infused, for sure. As usual, there’s a blues tune in the mix, a broken-hearted ballad, but only one this time. Shout For More represents a big shift into a new chapter of my life. My marriage ended a few years ago, and I found myself unable to move forward for a great deal of that time. I think my songs are sincere and personal, and this moving-on theme is quite evident in my songwriting on these tracks.

Why did you choose Shout For More as the album title?

Shout For More is available now.
Shout For More is available now.

Shout for More is a lyric in the song Roll it Out. I like titles to be expansive as opposed to confining or limiting, so I chose to go with that. I think it can mean different things to different people, and I also like that. It can mean an audience shouting for more songs or someone asking for what they want. There’s also a theme of knowing what you want and going for it on this album which fits the title.

What was the inspiration for the album? Is there a theme?

My response to your first two questions touches on theme and inspiration. With a big life change, there’s a lot of self-awareness that can happen if you’re lucky, and growth happens from this awareness. The album was inspired by the growth and awareness I’ve experienced these last few years.

What is your favourite song to perform off the album, and why?

My favourite song to perform is Sparrow. I love that song – like how I love other people’s songs. Maybe because it’s so different from my other material. It has a vastness, and it feels great to perform it live.

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