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Monday, July 22, 2024

Stewart Legere’s Still Hearts is an evolution

The Dartmouth-based multidisciplinary artist will present his latest musical offering at Alderney Landing on April 5.

Dartmouth-based multidisciplinary artist Stewart Legere will present his latest musical offering, Still Hearts, at Alderney Landing on April 5.

It’s not just a series of songs but a journey that evokes memories and emotions tied to cinematic moments.
– Stewart Legere

The show, delayed from its original Valentine’s Day-adjacent February date due to weather, promises to be a unique blend of music and nostalgia, drawing inspiration from iconic movie soundtracks, including Ghost, Barbie, A Star Is Born, and many more.

According to Legere, the show evolves from the Young Hearts show he did with Kim Harris last year, a project they began ten years ago. However, rather than a rehash, this new version offers a fresh exploration of songs from cinema history. It features a mix of well-known tracks and hidden gems in collaboration with special guests Aquakultre, Waants, and Mel Stone. Legere’s performance group, Zuppa, will also stage a special opening number.

“Not everybody goes to the theatre or even live music shows,” says Legere, describing his decision to feature music from the movies. “But most people have watched movies, and most have a favourite movie and will remember a song or moment in a film.”

Another difference between Still Hearts and the previous version is the projections from video and projection designer Christian Ludwig Hansen. “He’s developed a bunch of really beautiful visuals for throughout the night,” says Legere.

The title Still Hearts holds significance for Legere, symbolizing resilience and continuity. “It’s about acknowledging that we’re still here, still alive, and still beating,” he explained. “But it also touches on moments of stillness and shared experiences that music and movies evoke in us.”

When asked about the show’s emotional arc, Legere highlighted the cohesion in song selection. “While the songs may vary widely in style and era, we’ve curated them to flow seamlessly and reflect a collective nostalgia,” he says. “It’s not just a series of songs but a journey that evokes memories and emotions tied to cinematic moments.”

Legere’s commitment to creating a memorable live experience is evident in his approach to engaging audiences. “I want people to come together, share laughs, and be moved by the music and stories we present,” he says. “It will be a lovely night out that I hope leaves you with lasting memories. And as I always like to say, you’ll be home in time to watch Columbo.”

Eastern Front Theatre presents Still Hearts on April 5 at the Alderney Landing Theatre (2 Ochterloney St, Dartmouth). Visit for tickets and information.

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