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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Neptune Theatre continues to “bring the laughs” with Murder For Two

The musical comedy whodunit continues at Neptune Theatre's Scotiabank Studio Theatre through November 5.

On the heels of The Play That Goes Wrong, Halifax’s Neptune Theatre continues to “bring the laughs back to Halifax this fall” with the musical comedy Murder For Two.

A whodunit, Murder For Two features two actors, Scott Pietrangelo as Officer Marcus Moscowicz, who is investigating a murder and Jackson Seib, who plays 12 the roles of the suspects and other characters.

What makes this blend of classic murder mystery and musical comedy unique is that both actors also showcase their musical talents by playing the piano throughout the performance.

“This production is a delightful combination of comedy, music, and mystery, offering a whacky, high-octane experience for the audience,” says director Jeremy Webb. “The actors’ talent in playing multiple characters and the piano simultaneously is truly impressive, making this show a must-see for theatre enthusiasts.”

Murder For Two continues at Neptune Theatre’s Scotiabank Studio Theatre (1589 Argyle St, Halifax) through November 5. Visit for tickets and information.

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