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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tickets are back on sale for The Book of Mormon and Come From Away in Halifax

After a rocky start, tickets to two of Broadway's biggest hits coming to Halifax's Scotiabank Centre in 2023 are back on sale.

Update (24 March): Broadway in Halifax has announced that, due to demand, a Friday package has been added. 

After a rocky start, tickets to two of Broadway’s biggest hits, The Book of Mormon and Come From Away, coming to Halifax’s Scotiabank Centre, are back on sale.

Initially announced in the early afternoon of March 9, sales for the two shows were suspended shortly after, leaving many looking to purchase season tickets taking to social media with questions about what happened.

Following a day of silence from organizers, Innovation Arts & Entertainment, and the Scotiabank Centre, a pop-up appeared on the website explaining, in part, that “discrepancies were discovered between the number and location of seats that should have been available for sale and the number that were offered to the public during the on sale period.” As a result, “the presenters of the series and the venue management decided to take the ticket sales offline while the issue could be remedied.”

With these issues resolved, tickets for the two shows are now back on sale. Organizers say 1,800 season tickets had already been sold on March 11 before sales were halted.

First up is the touring production of The Book of Mormon, which runs July 18-20 at the downtown venue.

The winner of nine Tony Awards in 2011, including best musical, the Trey Parker, Matt Stone (South Park) and Robert Lopez (Avenue Q) penned show continues its run on Broadway and is currently the 13th longest-running musical.

The Book of Mormon is the story of Elders Price and Cunningham, two missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints assigned to Uganda. Tasked with trying to convert the locals, they find they are concerned with more pressing matters such as poverty, AIDS and the ruthless warlord.

… The Book of Mormon remains one of the funniest shows that you will see on stage. Ever. – Mark Robins in his 2015 review of The Book of Mormon in Vancouver.

Then on November 14-16, the award-winning made-in-Canada musical Come From Away touches down in Halifax. Also making the list of the longest-running musicals on Broadway at #49, its run closed in New York in October 2022.

Come From Away is set on and immediately following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2011. As the 9/11 crisis played out in the United States, 38 passenger jets were forced to land at the Gander, Newfoundland airport. Carrying some 6,700 people from around the world, this tiny town of 11,000 was called upon to feed and house what became affectionately known as both “come from aways” and “plane people” for up to six days.

…a show that will not only restore your faith in humanity but may very well restore your faith in the musical theatre genre. – Mark Robins in his 2019 review of Come From Away in Vancouver.

Innovation Arts & Entertainment presents The Book of Mormon (July 18-21) and Come From Away (November 14-17) at the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax. Season tickets to both shows are currently on sale. Organizers have yet to announce a date for single ticket sales. Visit for tickets and more information.

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